Intelligent Systems Engineering (ISI) course

The development and implementation of intelligent systems and robotic machines, from the processing of sensor output to its high-level interpretation by artificial intelligence methods, meets a growing need of industrialists in sectors with high employment demand. The ISI course aims to train students in research and development in the fields of intelligent systems and robotics, and in particular on subjects such as multimodal interaction, image and sound analysis, and the design and control of robotic systems, at the interface of computer science, electronics and mechanics.



This international master track titled 'Performance in Software, Media and Scientific Computing' or PSMSC is a one-year programme taught by the University of Toulouse. It prepares master students for top level careers or PhD programs in several application domains that require use of hardware, software and programming techniques to accelerate data-intensive computations and ensure reliable execution of cutting-edge applications. The PSMSC track combines a set of common core lectures with concentration courses aligned with career preparation needs for each student.

Master 2 IISC - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (IAR)


The training aims to acquire scientific bases in artificial intelligence and robotics, a general culture in cognitive sciences and neurosciences for the "intelligent" and "bio-inspired" processing of information: 

  • neural network models, 
  • optimization algorithms, 
  • new techniques for man-machine interface, 
  • embedded computing and bio-inspired robotic control.
Name Scope Level Domain Status Provider Access
Unix for System Administrators Potential users Mathematics FMPH UNIBA
Graph Theory Potential users Mathematics FMPH UNIBA
Machine Learning Potential users Mathematics FMPH UNIBA
Probability and Statistics Potential users Mathematics FMPH UNIBA
Methods in Bioinformatics Potential users Mathematics FMPH UNIBA
Cryptology Potential users Mathematics FMPH UNIBA
Concurrent and Distributed Programming and Systems Potential users Mathematics FMPH UNIBA
Primary schools visits They are free two-hour tours with eight games for kids to learn what a supercomputer is, what it is for, who uses it and some basic concepts from the world of supercomputing and computational thinking. Running until Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) Link
Arm SVE Hackathon: "Arm Scalable Performance for HPC and ML" This hackathon targets application developers that are interested in investigating the impact of novel SVE extensions on High Performance Computing (HPC) and Machine Learning (ML) applications. Intermediate, Advanced Closed/ended in Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) Link
Taller Uso FinisTerrae II Dirigido a usuarios noveles o potenciales usuarios del ordenador FinisTerrae II, con el objetivo de que conozcan el equipo y aprendan a utilizarlo para sus propias aplicaciones o las que ya están disponibles. Potential users, Beginner Closed/ended in CESGA Link